Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes joining a new choir can be a little intimidating..... you don't know if the choir is right for you, or vice versa. We have included a few FAQ's here, which may answer your questions.

Of course, you can always drop in on a Tuesday evening, you will be warmly welcomed! Alternatively, please contact our membership secretary, Moira, at

How old do I need to be?

From aged 18 to 118!! We don't have an age limit. All we ask for is enthusiasm!

Where do you rehearse?

Rehearsals are held every Tuesday night during term time, between 7.30 and 9.30pm, at The Church on Fairford Leys,  Hampden Square, Fairford Leys, Aylesbury, HP19 7HT. Press here for the location of Fairford Leys church on a google map.

Do I have to have an audition?

Not an audition as such, just a voice assessment which involves singing a few scales or runs to find out which voice section is most suitable for you. It's a very informal affair, held in the interval, with just Jeff present. Jeff is really supportive if you have any nerves, which we all do when thinking about joining a choir, but it's really nothing to worry about! Once completed, Jeff will tell you which voice section you will sing in, and that's it, you're in!

How many voice sections are there? And how many men?

We normally have the standard four - Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass. Our numbers are such that we are able to split the voice sections into eight, if the music requires.

Approximately a quarter of our members are male, so if you are a man, or a lady wishing to sing in the lower voice sections, you will not be alone!

How much will it cost me?

£150 for two terms (autumn and spring), or £80 for a single term. This fee includes two terms of rehearsals and performance. There is a 75% reduction for members in full-time education and a 50% reduction for members below the age of 25. The summer term is charged separately at £50, or you can pay £200 for the whole year in one go!

What about music?

We will normally supply your music. This will normally cost you £1- £6 a term to hire. We request that, when you use the music, you make only light pencil marks on the score. We hire some of our music, and we will be charged by the hirer if we give back badly marked scores. We sometimes have a "rubbing out" party at the end of term..... all welcome! You are of course, welcome to bring your own music.

How do the rehearsals work?

Normally we all stay together and work through the pieces, and then focus on the parts we need to concentrate upon. We are also fortunate enough to be able to split the rehearsal period in two different sessions, if required. During the first half, the ladies and gents split up into two separate rooms, where sectional rehearsals take place. Expect the usual practising of short excerpts of the pieces, or note bashing as it is affectionately called!

Following a well-deserved coffee break and chat, we all congregate together for the second half of the evening to bring the pieces together.

As the term progresses, Jeff may give us a rehearsing schedule to assist us in our own private practice at home.

So there's a break at half time?

Yes. We have coffee, tea or squash (small charge). Water is  also available. A time for a chat and catch up! Every term, we have 3 raffles, with each voice section taking turns to bring prizes... these do not have to be expensive, it's all just for fun! And the raffles raise much-needed funding to help our finances.

Is dress formal for rehearsal?

No, not at all! Wear what is comfortable for you. We only dress formally at the concerts. Like any building, the church has a comfortable temperature.


Plenty at Fairford Leys, and all free! 

What about practising at home?

We encourage all of our members to practise at home. Rehearsal 'tracks' are often available through the net, some of them free. We also endeavour to produce basic rehearsal files using Musescore software if there is none available on the Internet... Check the members' page for more details.

Concert day

Where are our concerts held?

We generally hold our concerts at St Mary's Church of England Church, Church Street, Aylesbury, HP19 2JJ. Press here for a google map.

So what happens on Concert Day?

Our day starts quite early. The stronger members of our choir erect the staging, and we make sure the audience seating is in the right place. We also set up the bar and the ticket desk.

We all meet about 2pm, have a warm-up, meet the orchestra and soloists (if applicable), and have one last rehearsal. Time to hone those final notes!

This lasts until about 5pm. We have a break, go home (if practicable) and arrive back about 6.45pm. The concerts begins at 7.30pm. There is an interval, a refreshment break to catch up with family and friends. At the end of the evening, we dismantle the staging, and tidy the church up.

What do I wear?

Our Choir "colours" are black with white shirts/ blouses. Men wear a DJ or black suit and white shirt with black bow tie. 
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