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The choir with the Aylesbury Sinfonia performing Haydn's Creation, in April 2023.

"People talk about the health benefits of singing but to me they are far outweighed by the effect singing can have on your spirit."
Jeff Stewart, ACS Musical Director
For Aylesbury Choral Society, our rehearsals on Tuesday evenings and our concerts once a term, are part of our life blood: giving us a sense of fun, community, delight. We are in touch with our very souls through the power of music. This continues to pervade all that we do throughout the rest of our week. We aim to express our very spirit through the words and music we sing.

"Our aim with choirs is to help the singers to find the best in their voices and teach them how to be really expressive through choral music. We have a lot of fun. Laughter is so important in finding the freedom to really express ourselves."
Jeff Stewart, ACS Musical Director,
on his website: theyshalllaughandsing.com

At Aylesbury Choral Society, we develop our voices and our expertise in music-making in an atmosphere characterised by a mutual love of the art form and communal enjoyment. A typical rehearsal will start with some warm-up activities, including learning not to be afraid of 'having a go'. The rehearsals can be hard work but, also, great fun as we learn the music we are preparing for that term. Much of the music is from the major sacred choral repertoire such as Handel's Messiah, Haydn's Creation, and Bach's Christmas Oratorio, all performed in the last two to three years. However, we also perform 'lighter' music, especially in the summer term, and have recently performed songs from the musicals and jazz age by composers such as Gershwin, Harold Arlen, Cole Porter and Bob Chilcott. In the middle of the rehearsal, we enjoy each other's company and a bit of chat over a cup of coffee, tea or juice. Jeff directs us with aplomb, vivacity and tremendous skill and experience; and we are accompanied by the fantastic Colin Spinks on the piano.
"Throughout the performance the joy of Bach's work was etched on the faces of the singers, and this very much carried through in the music of the evening."
Simon Pogson, Bucks Herald,
Review following ACS's performance of Bach's 'Christmas Oratorio', November 2023


The benefits of singing, from
Jenevora Williams (2013) Teaching singing to children and young adults. Oxford: Compton Publishing

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